Salsa Etiquette


Salsa is a social occasion and there are various rules that you need to know to avoid causing offence


  1. This is definitely a key thing.
  • No-one likes dancing with someone who doesn’t smell good so make sure that you shower and put deodorant on and wear some clean clothes.
  • Also make sure you brush your teeth as dancing with someone who has bad breath is not pleasant at all.
  • Carry a handkerchief to wipe your forehead if you get very sweaty.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes are good for cleaning under your armpits if you start getting smelly there.


  1. Both men and women are allowed to ask the other to dance and should do so, it shouldn’t be just up to the men.When you ask someone to dance just walk up to them and smile and ask them for a dance
  2. Don’t refuse to dance with someone. It’s not polite at all and will hurt their feelings. It takes courage to ask someone to dance especially if one is new to Salsa and you don’t want to put someone off dancing for good. The only exceptions to this rule are when you are very tired or if you’re not keen on a particular dance, like the mergengue for example. Smile and explain this to the person who’s asked you.
  3. However it’s also important not to constantly pester people for dances, you should try and dance with different people. If someone turns you down for a dance you certainly should not ask them again.
  4. On the Floor
  5. If the dance floor seems full, don’t try and push your way onto it, it’s annoying and will ruin things for everyone as no-one then has enough room to dance. And the risk of colliding with people increases greatly.
  6. If you’re not dancing try not to interfere with people who are dancing when you’re heading to the bar or toilet, walk around the dance floor and keep out of the way of everyone. The same applies if you’re standing on the side of the dance floor.
  7. Apologize if you crash into someone, a brief smile or apology is fine. Then you can both carry on dancing.
  8. Don’t take things onto the dance floor – especially things like handbags which just get in the way and become a hazard.
  9. Help people out – if people are struggling, either your partner or others try to help them out, don’t be rude to them. However don’t try and start teaching them on the dance floor go to the edges to do it.
  10. Smile – if you smile it makes your partner feel more at ease, and hopefully yourself too. Sometimes Salsa can be tricky but try to enjoy yourself as much as you can.
  11. Don’t get too touchy feely – when you first dance with someone you should not get too close to them, unless they give a clear indication that they want this. And don’t use Salsa as a way to try it on with everyone you dance with.
  12. Judge your partner- if your partner does not seem like a good dancer don’t try and do difficult moves with them, it’ll be no fun for either of you.
  13. Be courteous after the dance and say thank you

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