What you should wear for Salsa


Ok firstly here’s

what you shouldn’t wear

Salsa costumes.

These look ridiculously over the top for normal Salsa dancing, especially the obligatory ruffles on them. Save them for when you get to perform in the world championships.

Don’t be too skimpy.

Baring some skin is fine, after all you get pretty hot doing Salsa but you don’t want to go too over the top

Don’t be too sweaty

If you do get too sweaty then try to keep some spare shirts with you that you can change into. If you don’t want to make this too obvious keep them the same type of shirt.

Things you should do.

Stay cool

Things can get pretty hot on the dance floor so it’s best to try and stay cool.


If you are bothered about wearing the latest style clothes then just look at what everybody else is wearing. At the moment the fashion is for button-down shirts and jeans or slacks for men and and cami top for women often worn with jeans. Find out more at this site. Fashions will change, but not as regularly as they do in the regular world of fashion.


If women don’t want their skirts to fly everywhere or to show off their legs they could consider wearing nude fishnets. They have the added advantage of providing leg and tummy support.


You don’t want shoes to slow down your turns, but nor do you want to be slipping all over the place, so make sure you get a good pair of dancing shoes. Some people are fond of the suede-bottomed shoes but others not so keen on the way they look. If you do other dance classes already, Zumba for example you could use your Zumba shoes or get a pair. Go here for some of the best zumba shoes reviews. Or if you don’t you do other dance classes you could just use a pair of normal sneakers when you are starting off.